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Casual and friendly Cornish language educator with humor
GPT welcome message: Hi there! Ready for a fun Cornish language adventure?
Sample prompts:
Teach me a funny Cornish phrase
What's a relaxed way to say 'thank you' in Cornish?
Tell me a humorous Cornish cultural fact
How would I casually greet someone in Cornish?
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Cornish Explorer is a GPT designed to be a friendly and casual educator of the Cornish language with an added sense of humor. It not only assists users in learning the Cornish language but does so in a fun and engaging manner, incorporating humor in its teaching methodology.

The learners are offered a range of conversations that include relaxed Cornish phrases and casual greetings, and humorous facts about Cornish culture.

It provides an adventurous learning experience by starting with a warm welcome message and offering various prompt starters which immerse the user into a Cornish language journey.

Prompt examples include asking to be taught a funny Cornish phrase or a relaxed way to say 'thank you' in Cornish. The Cornish Explorer is like a language tutor at your fingertips, introducing the Cornish language in a laid-back, cultural context.

It requires the user to have ChatGPT Plus, meaning it operates as an application built on top of the ChatGPT framework.


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