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Learn French in a fun, efficient way!
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Sample prompts:
Bonjour ! Je voudrais parler un peu et améliorer ma prononciation.
I’m visiting Paris next week but I’m rusty and need some practice.
I need to brush up on my French before a meeting with French speaking clients, j’ai besoin d’aide…
I have a French exam tomorrow and need help!!!
I don’t understand French grammar well, je ne comprends pas le subjonctif…
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My French Teacher is a GPT (Generative Pretrained Transformer) aimed at second language acquisition, particularly in the field of French language learning.

It offers an interactive, practical and efficient platform for students and other individuals who are interested in learning French or improving their existing language skills.

This GPT presents a diverse range of prompt starters ranging from simple conversational phrases to more complex grammatical queries. It can assist users to strengthen their conversational skills, enhance their pronunciation, and gain a deeper understanding of French grammar.

The prompts also cover a variety of real-life scenarios such as traveling to a French-speaking country, preparing for a business meeting with French clients, or studying for a French exam, providing a practical tool for users to prepare for different language use contexts.

Moreover, responses can be personalized based on user needs and proficiency levels, enabling a tailored learning experience. To use My French Teacher, users need to sign up and it requires ChatGPT Plus.

However, this tool is not a replacement for a comprehensive language learning course, and should be used as a supplementary aid for learning the French language.


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