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Assisting with English pronunciation via Turkish alphabet.
GPT welcome message: Merhaba! I'm here to assist with English pronunciation using the Turkish alphabet.
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How do you pronounce this in English?
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English Pronunciation Helper is a GPT aimed at assisting users with English pronunciation, specifically leveraging the Turkish alphabet for this purpose.

It is designed to facilitate the interactive understanding and practice of English pronunciation for users who are familiar with the Turkish language, particularly those learning English as a second language.

The GPT communicates with users via text interactions, allowing them to type sentences or words they are struggling to pronounce in English. They will then receive phonetic transcriptions based on the phonetics of the Turkish alphabet, making it easier for them to articulate English vocabulary.

Users are guided to phrase their queries in a variety of ways, for example, 'How do you pronounce this in English?', 'Phonetic transcription for:', or 'English sentence pronunciation:'.

This GPT will then render comprehensive responses that help improve English pronunciation. It should be noted that the English Pronunciation Helper tool requires the ChatGPT Plus protocol for optimal functionality.


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