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Creates step-by-step video instructions platform.
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Guidde is an AI-powered platform that helps businesses create step-by-step video documentation and documents for various purposes such as training, onboarding, and customer support.

With Guidde, users can capture their workflow, and the AI tool will generate a step-by-step description of the process and voiceover. Users can also select from over 100 different voices and languages to personalize their video documentation.

Additionally, Guidde offers an editor where users can design visually appealing visuals without the need for design skills. Guidde is available as a browser extension, and users can easily capture their workflow and stop the recording when done.

The platform allows for easy sharing through links or embeds within an organization. With Guidde, businesses can create engaging and captivating knowledge articles that combine video, images, and text.

Guidde is trusted by users and teams of all sizes and has received positive feedback from customers who describe it as a super-simple tool that easily produces high-quality documentation with minimum effort.

Guidde's unique features enable businesses to scale their support operations without sacrificing quality by creating step-by-step guides for sophisticated scenarios.

The platform is ideal for businesses looking to provide quick, personalized video responses to customer questions and also for creating a tutorial video library.

Overall, Guidde is a powerful tool that uses AI to simplify and streamline the creation of video documentation.


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Jun 16, 2023
Takes documentation to a different level.

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Pros and Cons


Creates step-by-step videos
Generates voiceover
100+ voices and languages
Inbuilt editor
Designs without any skills
Browser extension
Easy workflow capturing
Supports sharing via links
Embeds within organization
Creates engaging knowledge articles
Combination of video, images, text
Ideal for customer support
Ideal for creating tutorials
Personalize video documentation
Trustworthy tool
Suitable for all sizes teams
Easy branding options
Quick documentation creation
Reduces support tickets
Ideal for onboarding
High-quality outcomes
Requires minimum effort
Magic Capture feature
Automated step-by-step descriptions
Visual creation without design skills
Smart sharing options
Creates content at scale
Delivers know-how rapidly
Enables team-wide usage
Embedded in existing platforms
Collaborative knowledge creation
Enables support operations scaling


Only available as extension
Limited to 100 voices
Lack of offline functionality
Unclear policy for integrations
No explicit data backup
Possibly limited language support
Restrictions on video length
Lack of direct exporting options


What is Guidde?
What are the main features of Guidde?
What is unique about Guidde?
How does Guidde use AI to create step-by-step video instructions?
How do I use the Guidde browser extension?
Can I personalize the voiceover in my Guidde videos?
Who can use Guidde?
What are some common use cases for Guidde?
Can I share my Guidde videos with my team?
How does Guidde help with customer support?
How does Guidde help with onboarding?
How can I use Guidde to create training materials?
Can Guidde produce FAQs?
How can I integrate Guidde into my existing workflow?
How is the video quality produced by Guidde?
What makes Guidde a good tool for creating a tutorial video library?
How secure is my information on Guidde?
What is the feedback from customers who have used Guidde?
How does Guidde help in creating visually appealing visuals without design skills?
Does Guidde offer a free trial?

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