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ByMichael Fricano II
Guides students to self-discover CoBlocks bugs.
GPT welcome message: Hi, let's get started with debugging your CoBlocks! Can you show me a screenshot?
Sample prompts:
Can you help me debug my CoBlocks program?
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CoBlocks Coding Coach is a Generative Pretraining Transformer (GPT) that primarily functions as an educational tool to assist students in uncovering bugs in their CoBlocks programs.

This GPT operates on top of ChatGPT and is purposed for interactive debugging in an educational coding process. The GPT generates prompts and provides welcome messages designed to stimulate active problem-solving of the users.

The potential interaction such as asking 'Can you help me debug my CoBlocks program?' directs the tool to engage with debugging student's program. Another characteristic function of CoBlocks Coding Coach is that it asks for a screenshot of the students current coding venture so that it can better understand the problems occurring within the CoBlocks software.

The GPT then uses this information to guide the student towards identifying the bug and coming up with the fix themselves, thus promoting self-learning and debugging skills in the coding process.

As a requirement, it necessitates having an active ChatGPT Plus subscription. CoBlocks Coding Coach, therefore, stands out as an innovative tool that combines AI programming with educational methodologies to support student's learning journey in coding.

It transforms the way debugging is learnt and applied in CoBlocks, fostering more self-sufficient coders.


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