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Guides online course creation with structured advice.
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Sample prompts:
How do I start a course on web development?
What's a good way to teach language skills online?
I need help outlining my digital marketing course.
How to keep students engaged in an online setting?
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CourseGPT is a GPT that provides guidance and structure for creating online courses. Developed by, it operates atop ChatGPT. This tool provides valuable insights to help with the process of course design, including content development, teaching methods, and course outline.

It aims at making the online learning experience more effective and engaging. CourseGPT's main strength lies in offering structured advice in regards to starting a course in numerous fields like web development, digital marketing and language skills, among others.

Furthermore, it also guides on effective ways to keep students engaged in an online setting, which could prove beneficial for creators looking for methods to sustain students interest throughout their course.

The GPT features 'prompt starters' that aid course creators in framing their content and structuring their curriculum accurately. It also includes a dedicated 'welcome message' which enhances its approachability and user guidance.

Please note, usage of CourseGPT requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription.


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