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ByLucy Malloch
Expert in online course creation, offering detailed feedback and tailored advice.
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Sample prompts:
How can I make my course more interactive?
What are effective assessment methods for online courses?
Suggestions for making my course content more engaging?
How to integrate technology effectively in my course?
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Course Creator Assistant is a GPT designed to provide support and expertise in online course creation. It is committed to offering users detailed feedback and tailored advice to help them in designing and enhancing their online courses.

Users can input specific details or requirements they have for their courses, and the tool will return a structured outline along with additional advice or pointers.

A distinct feature of this GPT is its ability to facilitate interactivity and engagement in online instructional design. Questions such as 'How can I make my course more interactive?', 'What are effective assessment methods for online courses?', and 'Suggestions for making my course content more engaging?' exemplify how it can advise users on a wide range of eLearning aspects.

Furthermore, aiding in effective technology integration within the course framework is another key functionality, illustrated by queries like 'How to integrate technology effectively in my course?'.

It is important to note that usage of this GPT requires a sign up to ChatGPT Plus. Overall, the Course Creator Assistant can be a valuable tool for educators, instructional designers, and anyone actively involved in online course development and delivery.


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