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Create automated writing guides, never prompt tone and style again.
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Textok is a sophisticated tool designed to automate the development of writing guides and to ensure brand-specific tone, style, and compliance rules. This tool enables the creation of custom automated text-writing guides, defining brand-specific tone, style, spelling, and inclusivity rules.

With one click, it enables users to ensure compliance. Textok aids in generating and rewriting text with AI in your specific tone, rather than a generic style.

It offers innovative tools to create quality texts, and can detect the tone of any piece of text - be it as cool as a cucumber or as warm as Sundays at your grandma's house.

The tool supports the automatic production of precise prompts for AI and allows custom tone creation. Moreover, it aids in the development of term glossaries, facilitates the making of inclusive language work, and provides specific tips.

Textok lets you set more than 80 parameters to fine-tune your brands tone of voice, or choose the best suited tone from their comprehensive style book, thereby reducing repetitive errors.

The tool ensures consistency in language even with multiple writers and automates brand book corrections. It is designed to help brands and companies strike the right tone in their communication with more consistency, enhancing their brand's growth.


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Pros and Cons


Automates writing guides development
Enforces brand-specific tone and style
One-click compliance checking
Custom automated text-writing guides
Specific tone text-generation
Rewrites text in your tone
Accurate tone detection
Creates quality texts
Custom tone creation
Facilitates term glossaries development
Streamlines inclusive language work
Provides specific writing tips
Allows 80+ tone-tuning parameters
Offers comprehensive style book
Reduces repetitive errors
Ensures language consistency
Automates brand book corrections
Automated spelling checks
Supports multi-writer projects
Automatic brand-specific rules compliance
Creates forbidden/required words lists
Guarantees consistent tone among writers
Leverages content as brand asset
Supports formal and informal tones
Facilitates brand personality maintenance
Offers precise rewriting prompts


No offline mode
Lacks multi-language support
Complex usage for beginners
Doesn't support all text formats
No integration with common CMS
Limited customization of glossaries
Not suitable for organic writing
No collaboration feature
Lacks real-time editing tool
No mention of data security


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How does Textok assure consistency in language with multiple writers?
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How does Textok help brands achieve growth in their communication?
How does Textok ensure compliance with just one click?
What are the steps to create automated writing guides with Textok?
How is Textok better than just AI?
Does Textok automatically detect and correct repetitive mistakes?
How can I use Textok to produce precise AI prompts?
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