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Generated personal journal prompts via GPT-3 model.
Generated by ChatGPT

Rosebud is an AI-powered journaling app that helps you self-reflect and create your personalized path to fulfillment.

It supports multi-device sync and secure cloud backups for your entries. With a free version and a premium plan at $4.99/month, Rosebud puts unlimited personalized prompts, entry history, and advanced interactive AI within your reach.

Key Features:

1. Multi-Device Accessibility & Cloud Backup: Use Rosebud across multiple devices and keep your journals secure with cloud backup.

2. Bookmarking: Save intriguing prompts for future journaling.

3. Personalized Prompts: A unified stream presents diverse personalized journaling prompts.

4. Weekly Reflection: A summarization of key insights from your week's journal entries, formatted for easy sharing.

5. Voice Journaling (Premium): Speak directly to Rosebud and have it accurately transcribe your entries.

6. Interactive Journaling Mode: Engage in a more conversational journaling experience with Rosebud, including feedback and guidance.

7. Enlighten Me: Tap the light bulb for guidance and inspiration when you're stuck on a question.

Use Cases:

1. Self-Exploration: Enrich your journey of self-exploration and uncover your unique wisdom with our AI-powered journal.

2. Build Habits: Build a journaling habit in just 5 minutes a day with Rosebud's quick and easy prompts.

3. Set Goals: Manifest your goals with Rosebud's automatic vision board creation based on your journal entries.

4. Gain Insight: Gain insight into your life with weekly summaries reflecting patterns in your thoughts, emotions and behaviors.

5. Secure Storage: Securely store your personal reflections with Rosebud's cloud-based encryption.

Rosebud Journal was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 14th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Rose Bud Thorn framework
Provides personalized prompts
Suggests follow-up questions
Automatic vision board creation
Weekly summaries for reflections
Stores journals privately in browser
Safe and secure
Requires only 5 minutes
Speeds up self-discovery
Helps manifest desired life
Suggests goals based on answers
Promotes quick and easy journaling
Free trial available


Limited to Rose Bud Thorn framework
Algorithm may misinterpret answers
Private database limited to browser
Lacks multi-device synchronization
Prompts may not be diverse
No offline version available
Potential lack of goal accuracy
No collaborative journaling support
Uses only GPT-3 model
Summaries only available weekly


What is Rosebud?
How does Rosebud utilize the GPT-3 model?
What is the Rose Bud Thorn framework?
How does Rosebud enhance the journaling experience?
How does Rosebud generate personalized prompts?
What are the three questions that Rosebud asks users every evening?
How does Rosebud AI suggest follow-up questions?
In what ways does Rosebud help users manifest their best life?
What is Rosebud's vision board feature?
What does Rosebud's weekly summaries offer?
How does Rosebud identify patterns in thoughts, emotions, and behaviors?
What measures does Rosebud take to ensure the safety and security of users' journal entries?
Where is the Rosebud journal stored?
How much time is needed to make use of Rosebud daily?
What makes Rosebud quick and easy?
Does Rosebud have a free trial?
How is Rosebud different from other journaling tools?
How is AI incorporated into Rosebud's functionality?
What type of goals does Rosebud AI suggest?
Can I track the progress of my goals in Rosebud?


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