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Customized mental health journaling for coaching.
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Mindsera is the world's first AI-powered journal that provides personalized mentorship and feedback to improve one's mindset, cognitive skills, mental health, and fitness.

The tool offers various features to ensure a wholesome journaling experience. These features include AI-generated artworks, mindset analysis, automatic summaries, mental models and frameworks, and an AI mentor.

Mindsera provides users with over 50 frameworks to make better decisions, solve hard problems, and be more productive. The tool also offers users writing prompts based on actionable frameworks and mental models to help them ask better questions and get better answers.

Furthermore, Mindsera's clean design, smart highlights, habit tracking, and dark mode provides users with a distraction-free journaling environment. The AI mentor feature of Mindsera allows users to get mentored by historical figures like Alan Watts, Carl Jung, Elon Musk, Marcus Aurelius, Osho, Socrates, and Steve Jobs, and their personalized board of advisors consisting of the world's best entrepreneurs and thinkers.

With the mindset analysis feature, users can increase their self-awareness, achieve success, and improve their mental and emotional health by measuring their emotions in their writing and receiving personalized recommendations.Mindsera offers a free version that includes a journal, dark mode, and habit tracker and a paid version that includes all the features mentioned above.

Mindsera does not sell user data and ensures the privacy of users' data. The tool is currently only available in English, but there are plans to explore the possibility of offering services in other languages in the future.

Journaling has numerous benefits, and Mindsera is a tool that helps users experience these benefits effectively and efficiently.

Mindsera was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 11th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Personalized mentorship and feedback
Mindset analysis
Automatic summaries
Mental models and frameworks
Mentorship by historical figures
Over 50 decision-making frameworks
Writing prompts for better questions
Distraction-free journaling environment
Clean design
Smart highlights
Habit tracking
Dark mode
Privacy of users' data
Paid and free versions
Personalized board of advisors
Emotion measurement in writing
Personalized recommendations
Plans for multilingual services
Resources by entrepreneurs and investors
Measures writing time
Displays current and longest streak
Personality assessment
Original artworks from writing
New frameworks added weekly
Coaching by specific chatbots
Habit of thoughtfulness
Optimized for nighttime inspiration
Available on multiple platforms
Beneficial for mental health
User data not sold
Over 34,000 minutes journaled
Affiliate and sponsorship programs
Automatic bullet point summaries
Artworks based on entries
Famous advisors on-demand
Actively exploring language expansion
Helps in goal setting
Enhanced decision-making and problem-solving
Can be used anytime
Good for memory enhancement
Optimized for mental fitness
Increase in self-awareness
Emotional resilience improvement


Only available in English
Limited historical figures mentors
Requires a paid version
No multi-language support
Lacks real-time collaboration
Lacks offline mode
No mobile app


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Is Mindsera safe to use? Does it sell or share my data?
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How does Mindsera's 'habit tracker' feature work?
What is the 'dark mode' feature in Mindsera?
Is Mindsera available in languages other than English?
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What are the mental health benefits of using Mindsera?
Why does Mindsera use AI in journaling?


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