Dream journaling 2022-12-11
An app for recording and reflecting on dreams.
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Dreamt is an AI-enabled journal app that helps users record and reflect on their dreams. It provides various features to make the process of dream recording and reflection easier.

Users can record their dreams with text or voice, and they can get insights into their dream data such as the number of hours slept, number of dreams captured, recurring entities in dreams, etc.

Additionally, Dreamt has an AI that generates story images from dream entries and automated sentiment analysis of dreams using emojis (SentiMojis). It also offers automated tagging of names of people, places, companies, and organizations.

Finally, users can back up their dream entries to iCloud, use advanced search, and can rest assured that the app does not track them and does not collect any of their data.

Dreamt was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 18th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Record dreams text or voice
Detailed dream data insights
Sleep hours tracking
Counts dreams captured
Identifies recurring entities
Automated sentiment analysis
Emoji sentiment representation (SentiMojis)
Automated thematic tagging
Names, places, companies auto-tagged
iCloud backup support
Advanced search feature
Solid privacy policy
No data collection
No user tracking
No cookie or tracker use


No Android support
No multi-device synchronization
Lacks exporting options
No collaborative features
Limited search options
Auto-tagging can be incorrect
No manual sentiment analysis
Lack of user customization
No offline mode
Dependent on iCloud backup


What is Dreamt?
How does Dreamt's AI feature work?
What are the main features of Dreamt?
How can I record my dreams using Dreamt?
What insights can I get with the Dreamt's statistics feature?
What does Dreamt mean by recurring entities in dreams?
How does the feature of turning dream entries into image stories work?
What are SentiMojis in Dreamt?
How does the automated sentiment analysis of dreams work in Dreamt?
What's the function of automated tagging in Dreamt?
What types of tags Dreamt can create?
How can I back up my dream entries to iCloud through Dreamt?
What does advanced search in Dreamt mean?
Does Dreamt collect or track my data?
Is there any privacy concern regarding using Dreamt?
Is Dreamt an iOS-only app?
Can Dreamt provide any insights into how long I sleep?
Can I record my dreams with my voice in Dreamt?
How are the images stories generated from dream entries in Dreamt?
What's special about Dreamt's sentiment analysis?


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