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LivingWriter brings your stories to life with smart story elements.
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LivingWriter is an advanced manuscript writing and organization platform. It allows authors and novelists to create, structure, and organize their books, screenplays, academic papers, and manuscripts for easy publishing.

The tool provides advanced capabilities, where users can drag and drop to order and reorder sections, outlines, chapters, and elements, making manuscript organization quick and straightforward.

A standout feature is the on-screen sidebar which provides immediate access to notes, elements, goals, and comments. Another important feature is the 'LivingWriter Boards'.

The boards allow a comprehensive overview of the entire manuscript, elements, and research, making drafting and organizing a breeze. A unique offering is the AI Outline Generator, which assists authors in structuring their books by providing templates from a wide spectrum of genres.

This tool tailors the structure and outlines based on the information fed to it. This allows for well-structured and coherent books and narratives. One distinctive feature exclusive to this platform is the 'Smart Text and Auto-Suggest', which auto-suggests elements like character names, locations, and objects in the manuscript and users can access detailed notes for each of these elements.

Lastly, the tool also includes writing goals and stats to help writers stay on track and motivated. LivingWriter emphasizes on privacy by ensuring the data is deleted after every session and also mentions that the data won't be used for AI training.


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Pros and Cons


Advanced manuscript writing
Content organization
Features drag and drop
Quick manuscript organization
On-screen sidebar
Immediate access to notes
Immediate access to elements
Immediate access to goals
Immediate access to comments
LivingWriter Boards for overview
Variety of genre templates
Smart Text and Auto-Suggest
Auto-suggests character names
Auto-suggests locations
Auto-suggests objects
Access to detailed notes
Writing goals and stats
Focus on user privacy
Data deletion after sessions
Supports academic papers
Supports screenplays
all in one platform
Cloud-based tool
3rd party integrations
Helps structure books
User tailored structure
Coherent narratives assistance
Easy manuscript export
Multiple export formats
Seamless imports
Support large word counts
Auto-save feature
Light and dark modes
Variety of color themes
Device compatibility
Various plot templates
Intuitive writing goals
Writing stats
Sharing and co-authoring features
Quick access to elements
Supports manuscript reordering
Template based plotting
Detailed instructions
Easily switchable interface themes


Limited data retention
Unknown synchronization frequency
Lack of offline access
Platforms availability unclear
No lifetime subscription
Potential overload of features
No handbook or manual
Language support unknown
Unknown collaboration support
Requires constant internet connection


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