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Boosted writing by bypassing detection algorithms.
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Conch is an AI-powered writing assistant that aims to increase writing productivity by helping users write 10x faster while bypassing AI detection algorithms.

It is designed to be used anywhere on the web and it comes with a Chrome extension that can be downloaded for free. The AI Bypasser feature helps users bypass detection algorithms like GPTZero, ensuring they write worry-free.

With Conch’s proprietary algorithm, users can run their essays through the system and have it rewritten until its detection-free. The tool also helps avoid context switching by generating the next sentence for users based on the context of their previous writing.

Additionally, the tool offers a variety of templates to choose from, allowing users to easily get started on their assignments. The summarization feature is also suitable for researchers, writers, and students who need to summarize text quickly.

Conch is available in multiple languages and has a free plan, and a Pro plan that can be accessed through upgrading. Conch is endorsed by many students and guarantees that its AI rewriter will not get caught.


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Jun 18, 2023
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Pros and Cons


Speeds up writing 10x
Suitable for web usage
Compatible Chrome extension
Rewrites for detection-free text
Generates next sentence contextually
12+ writing templates available
Multi-language availability
Free and Pro plans
Endorsed by students
Helps avoid context switching
Quick summarization feature
Resistant to GPTZero detection
Productivity boosting tool
Ideal for researchers, writers, students
Helps beat writer's block
Various start-up assignments available
User-friendly interface
Praised by university associates
Easy content generation
Fast writing pace
Automatic text rewriting
Helps maintain writing momentum
Flexible extension compatibility
Support multiple browsers
Secure and confidential
Helps maintain writing flow
Quick Q&A functionality
Cuts down research time
Reduces student workload
Automated context analysis
Helps bypassing academic detection tools
Boost original content creation
Enabled 'worry-free' writing
Effortless installation
Efficient tokens usage
Eliminates plagiarism detection
Instant text summarization
Assured content originality
Achieves academic text standards
Compliant with university requirements
Support for frequently asked questions
Large user base
Email support available


Limited to web use
Requires Chrome extension
Dependent on proprietary algorithm
Limited to text input
No offline functionality
Unclear support procedure
Potential plagiarism issues
Fixed templates only
Multi-language support but unspecified


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In which languages is Conch available?
How can I upgrade to Conch's Pro plan?
What does the Conch free plan offer?
What is the guarantee that Conch's AI rewriter will not get caught?
What does the Conch's score between 0-100 indicate?
Can I use Conch without switching tabs?
How is Conch useful for students?
Does Conch have a feature for answering questions during writing?
Is the content generated by Conch considered original?
Does Conch provide help or support for user queries?
Where do I download the Conch extension from?

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