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Streamlined Excel data analysis tasks.
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Formula Bot is an AI data analyst tool designed to streamline data analysis tasks within Excel spreadsheets. The tool offers AI-powered features for formula generation, data preparation, and data analysis all in one platform.

Users can leverage the Formula Generator feature to generate AI-generated formulas or explanations for data analytics, enabling them to work smarter and faster.

Additionally, the tool includes features such as Scripts, Basic Tasks, Regex, Spreadsheet Maker, and SQL to cater to various data manipulation needs.The Data Analyzer feature of Formula Bot allows users to upload their data, ask questions, and receive results in the form of data insights, charts, and recommendations.

This feature enables users to analyze their data efficiently and gain valuable insights.Furthermore, Formula Bot enhances spreadsheet functionality by integrating AI capabilities into Excel and Google Sheets.

Users can automate tasks using predefined functions or communicate with the tool using natural language commands, similar to ChatGPT. This helps users save time and improve productivity within their spreadsheets.The tool is trusted by Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and small to medium-sized businesses.

It offers a free plan with access to all features, and additional capabilities are available through a Pro plan. Formula Bot also includes fraud detection measures to prevent excessive abuse.With its combination of AI-driven formula generation, data preparation, and analysis features, Formula Bot revolutionizes the way users work with data and spreadsheets.

It provides a comprehensive solution for users who want to automate tasks, gain insights, and maximize the efficiency of their data analysis workflows.


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