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Quick generation of high-quality 3D model textures.
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Ponzu is an AI-powered tool that helps 3D asset designers and developers quickly generate photorealistic, high-quality textures for their 3D models. It is capable of generating textures for any idea, including custom, photorealistic, ukiyo-e, toon, cyberpunk, steampunk, watercolor, line art, art nouveau, and impressionist styles.

It also allows users to control the level of ambient and directional lighting for their textures, giving them the ability to customize their textures to their exact specifications.

Ponzu is fast and easy to use, allowing users to generate textures for their 3D models within seconds.


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Dec 3, 2023
Cant seem to get it to work at all, just get "Network Error".
Oct 25, 2023
Does not work, continual fetching error
Dec 3, 2023
ill trust this guy. lol - Mathew McCoy
Sep 23, 2023
Also 'Network Error'
Aug 10, 2023
Does not function due to "Network Error"

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