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Wraith Docs is a Google Docs AI Assistant that provides users with a suite of AI tools to make creating and editing documents 10 times faster. The AI tools allow users to quickly paraphrase, expand, simplify, and optimize their document with keyword optimization, add text, and flexible prompt input.

The open beta version of Wraith Docs is free and semi-unlimited, providing users with up to 250,000 tokens which can be used to process 187,500 words.

It is important to remember that Wraith Docs is a Google Docs add-on, meaning it can only be used in combination with Google Docs. It also includes links to the company’s Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Contact.

Wraith Docs is a trademark of Google LLC and is copyright 2023.

Wraith Docs was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 1st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Free open beta version
Substantial token allowance
Paraphrasing feature
Document expansion capabilities
Simplification tool
SEO keyword optimization
Context-aware text adding
Flexible prompt input
Up to 4000 characters
Speeds up document editing
Enhances document creation
Designed for Google Docs
Embedded links support
Terms of Service available
Privacy Policy available


Only for Google Docs
Limited to 250,000 tokens
Potential open beta issues
No standalone application
Reliant on Google's system
No multiple language support
No specified data security
No API mentioned
Could have limited features
Stuck to Google's TOS


What is Wraith Docs?
How does Wraith Docs work as a Google Docs Add-on?
Does Wraith Docs have an expand feature?
Can you explain the paraphrase feature in Wraith Docs?
How does the keyword optimization feature work in Wraith Docs?
What is meant by 'flexible prompt input' in Wraith Docs?
What are the limitations of the free, open beta version of Wraith Docs?
How many words or tokens does Wraith Docs allow me to process in its open beta version?
Is Wraith Docs available for use outside Google Docs?
How can I contact the developers of Wraith Docs?
What are the terms of service for using Wraith Docs?
How does Wraith Docs ensure my privacy?
What is the function of the add text fast feature in Wraith Docs?
How does the 'simplify' feature work with Wraith Docs?
Can Wraith Docs help to make my document SEO optimized?
Will Wraith Docs adapt to my writing style?
Are there any restrictions on the type of prompt I can input in Wraith Docs?
When does the open beta version of Wraith Docs close?
Do I have to pay to use Wraith Docs after the open beta period?
Is there a demo version of Wraith Docs that I can try before signing up?

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