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Improve student writing and detect plagiarism.
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The Brisk AI Writing Detector is a Google Docs and Classroom extension that offers several benefits to teachers and educators. It is designed to detect AI-generated writing, check for plagiarism, and identify grammar errors to help improve the quality of student writing.

One of the key advantages of Brisk is its seamless integration with Google Docs and Google Classroom, eliminating the need for manual file uploads to external platforms like Turnitin.

The AI detection is built directly into the workflow, saving time and effort for teachers.Teachers can use Brisk to assess students' effort on assignments by analyzing the version history data.

This feature allows them to identify suspicious work and provide support to learners. The tool leverages a cutting-edge text-based AI-detection model trained on GPT4, making it one of the most accurate AI-detection models available today.

This ensures reliable and effective detection of AI-generated content.In addition to the writing detection capabilities, Brisk also offers features to assist in curriculum development.

Teachers can create and source tailored learning content, worksheets, resources, and exam questions. The tool can personalize curriculum based on teaching preferences, responding to feedback and ingesting curriculum used by the teacher.

Brisk can also generate feedback, saving time and offering students more opportunities for feedback. It can adapt to the teacher's style and even generate feedback that reflects their past feedback.Furthermore, Brisk provides a reading level assessment feature that allows teachers to assess the complexity of any text on the internet.

It can also change the reading level of news articles and conveniently populate converted articles into Google Docs.Overall, the Brisk AI Writing Detector is a user-friendly and efficient tool that supports teachers in detecting AI-generated writing, improving student writing quality, and assisting in curriculum development.


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Pros and Cons


Google Docs integration
Google Classroom Integration
No manual file uploads
Plagiarism checking
Grammar error detection
Version history analysis
Student effort assessment
GPT4 trained model
Curriculum development features
Personalized curriculum creation
Generates feedback
Adaptive to teacher's style
Reading level assessment feature
Changes reading level of articles
Internet text complexity assessment
Auto population of articles in Docs
User-friendly interface
Assists in teaching workflows
Analyzes and monitors student data
Creates engaging curriculum
Sources tailored learning content
Responds to teaching feedback
Auto feedback generation
Reflects teacher's past feedback
Assesses student misconceptions
Updates lesson plans based on feedback
Differentiate curriculum for students
Personalize curriculum for groups/classes
Suggests feedback
Populate converted articles in Docs
Five-star review


Google Docs required
Limited to English
Lacks integration with non-Google platforms
No option for real-time feedback
No explicit data privacy measures
Limited sophistication in feedback customization
Can't handle image-based texts
Dependent on internet connection
Doesn't offer peer-review feature


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