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Assessed text education.
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Based on the given information, QuizCat is an AI tool available on the App Store that can be downloaded on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. However, the given text does not provide any specific details about how QuizCat works, what type of AI it uses, or its intended purpose.

Instead, the provided information seems to be about Apple's app store directory, which lists QuizCat as an available app.In conclusion, QuizCat is an AI tool listed on the App Store, but without additional information or context, it is impossible to provide any specific description of its functionality or usefulness.

It is recommended to conduct further research on QuizCat's website or other sources to obtain more detailed information.


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QuizCat was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 22nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Designed for iPad
Generates quizzes from text
Customizable difficulty levels
Multiple quiz types
Useful for education
Adjustable difficulty level
Multiple-choice and true/false questions
Suitable for students and teachers
Intuitive interface
Engaging quiz generation
Turn study material into quiz
Quick quiz creation
Privacy focused
Multiple in-app purchase options
Small size app (4.3 MB)
Free basic version
Supports English language
Option for annual, monthly, weekly subscriptions


Only available on iOS
Requires iOS 16.0 or later
Offers In-App Purchases
Limited language option (English)
Not for Android users
Requires macOS with Apple M1
Limited to certain iPads


What is QuizCat on the App Store?
What features does QuizCat provide?
How does QuizCat generate quizzes?
Can I adjust the difficulty level of the quizzes on QuizCat?
What are the different types of questions QuizCat can generate?
Who is the target audience for QuizCat?
Why is QuizCat recommended for educators and students?
How do I download QuizCat on my device?
Is QuizCat compatible with all Apple devices?
What is the cost of QuizCat?
Does QuizCat offer any in-app purchases?
Who is the developer of QuizCat?
Where can I get support for QuizCat?
What are the privacy practices of QuizCat?
Can I use QuizCat on my Mac?
What is the size of the QuizCat app?
What languages does QuizCat support?
Are there any age restrictions for using QuizCat?
What are QuizCat's terms of use?
Are there any similar apps to QuizCat on the App Store?

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