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Qaiz is a versatile AI tool that empowers users to construct multiplayer quizzes about various subjects instantly. The tool utilizes artificial intelligence advancements to facilitate the creation of quiz games.

Users have the opportunity to set their preferences regarding the number of questions, varying from 6, 12 to 24, and the level of difficulty: easy, normal, or hard.

A unique option to conduct a quick poll for gauging friends' opinions is also present. Subscribing users can utilise features like Quizabella, the AI entity that generates quizzes based on the desired subject.

Qaiz promotes an engaging dynamic by enabling friends in the same room to receive notifications about newly created quizzes. The tool privileges interactivity by allowing anyone to become the quizmaster; this role enables the control of quiz generation and initiation.

Quiz hosting remains active only while the quiz master keeps the specific window open, ensuring real-time engagement. Qaiz also offers room for expansion with upcoming features announced like voice quizzes and enhanced question quality and diversity.


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Qaiz was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 11th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Instant multiplayer quizzes
Customizable question count
Multiple difficulty settings
Quick poll for user opinions
Quizabella quiz generation
Real-time quiz notifications
Allows user to be quizmaster
Quizmaster-controllable quiz initiation
Active quiz hosting
Upcoming voice quiz feature
Planned enhanced question quality
Room based quiz notifications
Personalized quizzes
Immediate quiz creation
Unique polling option
Integrated alert system
Impending diversity enhancements


Host-dependent quiz activity
Subscription needed for Quizabella
Limited question count options
No obvious question database
Slow quiz generation
Need room for notifications
No option for single-player
Undisclosed subscription cost
Inactive quizmaster leads to disruption
Unstable voice quizzes feature


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What are the available levels of difficulty in Qaiz?
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Can Qaiz be used for polling?
Does Qaiz allow multiplayer set-up in quiz games?
Can Qaiz provide real-time notifications?
What does the quizmaster role entail in Qaiz?
Is real-time engagement possible with Qaiz?
What kind of expansions are expected in future updates of Qaiz?
Can quizzes created in Qaiz be based on any subject?
Does Qaiz offer subscription services?
What are upcoming features on Qaiz?
How can I manage my subscription on Qaiz?
Are family and public quizzes available on Qaiz?
How can I join a quiz on Qaiz?
How does Qaiz facilitate interactive learning?
Is there a possibility of integrating voice quizzes in Qaiz?
How does Qaiz ensure the quality and diversity of quiz questions?

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