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Conker for AI powered quizzes and more is a tool that enables users to create quizzes and formative assessments with ease and speed. The tool allows users to create multiple choice quizzes with a specific number of questions for different grade levels, such as Kindergarten.

The tool provides topic ideas and reading material to aid in the creation process.In addition to its user-friendly interface, Conker for AI powered quizzes utilizes AI technology to enrich the user experience.

The tool is designed to use machine learning algorithms to analyze user data and improve the platform's functionality.One of the unique features of Conker for AI powered quizzes is the provision of a unique quiz code, which users can join to participate in quizzes created by others.

With this unique quiz code, users can collaborate and learn from one another on the platform.Overall, Conker for AI powered quizzes and more is a useful tool for both educators and learners to create and engage in formative assessments.

It provides a streamlined process for quiz creation and boasts AI technology that enhances the overall user experience.


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Sep 24, 2023
12 class half yearly question paper
Sep 20, 2023
10 ka board paper 2024
Sep 18, 2023
Class 11th zoology important questions 2023

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Pros and Cons


Streamlined quiz creation
User-friendly interface
Generation of unique quiz codes
Facilitates user collaboration
Provides reading material
Topic idea provision
Supports different grade levels
Creates multiple choice quizzes
Easy to join quizzes


Limited quiz formats
Only multiple choice questions
No support for essay-type questions
Limited to specific grade levels
Requires reading material for creation
Dependent on unique quiz codes
No option for direct joining
No built-in student tracking
No option for topic modification
No support for languages other than English


What is Conker for AI powered quizzes?
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How does Conker use machine learning algorithms?
How can I join and participate in a quiz created by others on Conker?
Does Conker for AI powered quizzes allow collaboration?
Is there any specific section for topic ideas on Conker?
How does the user interface of Conker for AI powered quizzes look like?
What grade levels does Conker for AI powered quizzes support?
Can anyone use Conker for AI powered quizzes or is it only for teachers?
Does Conker for AI powered quizzes improve its functionality over time?
How can Conker for AI powered quizzes enhance my user experience?
Can I join a quiz without a unique quiz code on Conker?
Do I need to login to create or join a quiz on Conker for AI powered quizzes?
What is formative assessment and how does Conker help in it?
How fast is the process of creating quizzes on Conker for AI powered quizzes?

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