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ByMatthew Chiem
Enhancing visual learning with summaries, quizzes, and visuals.
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Sample prompts:
Analyze this textbook page on biology.
Summarize this chapter about the solar system.
Generate quiz questions on this history topic.
Create a DALL-E visual for this math concept.
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The AI Visual Learning Assistant is a Generative Pretraining Transformer (GPT) built with the aim of enhancing visual learning. Utilizing the potential of AI, the GPT simplifies complex educational content by providing summaries, quizzes, and visuals thus making learning accessible and enjoyable.

This GPT can assist in the seamless understanding of different subjects, ranging from biology and astronomy to history and mathematics. Using prompt starters provided by the users, such as 'Analyze this textbook page on biology', 'Summarize this chapter about the solar system', 'Generate quiz questions on this history topic', or 'Create a DALL-E visual for this math concept', the AI Visual Learning Assistant generates responses.

These responses can be detailed explanations, simplified summaries, relevant quiz questions, or visually engaging diagrams to aid better comprehension of the requested topic.

The GPT, hence, proves itself as a valuable learning tool by transforming various types of complex educational content into user-friendly, digestible, and interactive formats that align with visual learning strategies.

Whether you're a student seeking better grasp of your curriculum, a teacher exploring innovative teaching methods, or simply a lifelong learner, the AI Visual Learning Assistant can be a worthwhile addition to your learning strategies.


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