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Study Buddy is a GPT that offers personalized guidance and motivation for users' daily learning journeys. Designed to function as a 'Study Continuation Coach', it utilizes AI to provide interactive, motivating dialogue that can boost user productivity and focus in their studies.

Developed by Hiroshi Yamamura, the GPT introduces itself as an 'owl', symbolizing wisdom and knowledge. The GPT is designed to interact with users in a way that is conducive to learning, facilitating daily study reports and providing feedback based on user preferences.

For example, users can inform the GPT about their study pattern and the content of their study. Furthermore, they can let the GPT know if they respond better to motivation or strict feedback.

This GPT aims to make the study experience smoother and more effective. However, it requires a subscription to ChatGPT Plus to utilize its functionalities.

With the right guidance and motivation offered by Study Buddy GPT, users can enhance their study habits and ultimately their learning outcomes.


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