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Generate custom flashcards & quizzes for college study.
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StudyWand is an AI-powered tool designed to help students study effectively for their college exams. It automatically turns study notes and lectures into quizzes, making studying more enjoyable and increasing memory retention.

The tool has an easy registration process where users can create an account by email and agree to the terms of service. StudyWand uses cookies and similar technologies to enhance the user experience, including analytics cookies and necessary cookies that enable users to navigate and use the basic functions.

The tool generates AI-specific flashcards that help to tailor learning and fit specific student needs. The flashcards are automatically generated from uploaded lecture slides, video transcripts, audio clips, and textbook PDFs, making the process quick and easy.

StudyWand also includes features such as practicing with nine card types, watching demonstrations of the AI-generated answers, and exploring all nine AI question types.

The application also has a free learn mode and a scheduled flashcard feature. StudyWand adapts to the student’s lectures and shows the best flashcards to increase memory retention, powered by data from the last three years.

The AI behind StudyWand is inspired by the psychology of learning, memory associations, and overcoming impasses. It is GDPR compliant, collecting minimal personally identifiable information (PII), except for learning records.

StudyWand is an award-winning tool recognized for its AI-quiz generator and data-driven approach. The app helps students structure their day-to-day routine and provides advice on how to improve studying effectively.

The application also has a feature that visualizes the learning path on the map, allowing students to identify knowledge gaps and tailor their learning outcome.


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Pros and Cons


Generates custom flashcards
Quizzes from study notes
Easy registration process
Uses cookies for UX
Converts lecture slides to flashcards
Supports PDFs, video transcripts, and audios
Nine flashcard types
Free learn mode
Scheduled flashcard feature
Adapts to student’s lectures
Uses learning psychology
GDPR compliant
Minimal PII collection
Award-winning tool
Provides study advice
Visualizes learning path
Helps find knowledge gaps
Tailors learning outcome
Automatic study planning
Search slides for answers
Allows adding own flashcards
Works with any type of notes
Supports studying on the go
Includes study scheduling
Maximises learning curve
Motivation-boost feature
Designed for quick studying
Does manual planning and estimates
Data-driven approach
Shows best flashcards
Pair novel examples with memory
Helps in overcoming learning impasses
Structure day-to-day routine
Improves test scores
Complies with active retrieval


Unclear data handling
Limited study materials formats
Dependent on quality of input
Requires internet access
Not suitable for non-university students
Relies heavily on visual learning
Limited personalisation
Requires manual upload of materials
No offline mode
Single learner oriented


What is StudyWand?
How does StudyWand generate custom quizzes from my notes?
Does StudyWand work with different forms of material such as video transcripts or audio clips?
Can StudyWand schedule flashcards for me?
What are the nine question types that StudyWand can generate?
How does StudyWand help students identify their knowledge gaps?
Which learning theories is the AI of StudyWand based on?
How does StudyWand comply with GDPR?
Why did StudyWand win awards?
How does the learning path visualization feature of StudyWand work?
Why does StudyWand require me to enable cookies?
What kind of cookies does StudyWand use?
Can I register for StudyWand using my email?
How does the learning record feature work on StudyWand?
About the adaptability of StudyWand, how does it adjust to my lectures?
Can I practise with different types of flashcards on StudyWand?
How does StudyWand make studying more enjoyable?
What happens when I upload a textbook PDF to StudyWand?
How does StudyWand assist me in achieving better grades?
How does StudyWand use data to increase my memory retention?

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