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Easy creation of ML models without coding.
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Obviously AI is a no-code data science platform that enables users to quickly and easily create machine learning models in minutes. It allows for complex AI models to be built without any prior knowledge of machine learning or programming.

It has features such as automated model building, model deployment, model monitoring, integration and sharing, and expert support. The platform offers three main types of models: classification, regression, and time series.

Classification models can be used for predicting churn, lead conversion, loan repayment, and fraud. Regression models can be used for predicting sales, dynamic pricing, yield, and deal size.

Time series models can be used for predicting a number given a specific time, such as sales in six months or stock price tomorrow. Obviously AI also has features such as model building, model deployment, and model monitoring, which can help users save time and money.

Additionally, it has an API that enables users to make real-time predictions and integrate AI into their apps. Finally, it has an expert support team that provides 24/7 access to a dedicated data scientist, who can help with data merging, enrichment, cleaning, and other statistical work.


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Obviously was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 19th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


No-code platform
Quick model creation
Automated model building
Model deployment features
Model monitoring capabilities
Integrates with apps
24/7 expert support
Classification, regression, time series models
Real-time predictions via API
Data merging and cleaning support
Dedicated data scientist support
Automations with Zapier
Visualize prediction data tooling
1-minute model construction
Saves significant time
Predicts diverse outcomes
Supports various use cases
Integrates with multiple tools
In-house algorithm development
Real-time price prediction
Yield prediction capabilities
Predicts loan repayment
Offers data enrichment services
No prior ML knowledge needed
Offers dynamic linking
Web app for usage
Enables result explanation
Instant prediction results
Secure data encryption
Compatible with PowerBI, Looker
Customized statistically aided work
Seamless analyst onboarding


Limited to tabular data
Lacks advanced analytics features
Limited to three model types
No hybrid model capability
Limited integration options
No real-time error reporting
No manual model tuning
Lacks open-source capabilities


What is Obviously AI?
How does Obviously AI enable easy creation of Machine Learning models without coding?
What are the main types of models that Obviously AI offers?
What is automated model building in Obviously AI?
What does the model deployment feature of Obviously AI do?
How does Obviously AI support model monitoring?
What's unique about the integration and sharing features of Obviously AI?
What kind of support does Obviously AI's expert support team provide?
What is the use of Obviously AI's API?
How can Obviously AI help in predicting churn, lead conversion, loan repayment and fraud?
How can Obviously AI aid in predicting sales, dynamic pricing, yield, and deal size?
In what ways can Obviously AI be useful in time series prediction?
How does Obviously AI help users save time and money?
How is Obviously AI used in predicting inventory?
Can Obviously AI predict loan repayment?
How can Obviously AI be integrated with tools like Zapier, Airtable, Dropbox and Salesforce?
What security measures are put in place in Obviously AI?
How do I sign up for Obviously AI?
How is the 'No-Code AI University' advantageous?
Can I integrate Obviously AI into my apps?

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