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ByNissan Dookeran
A software architect for C4 Model generation.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Let's craft your C4 Model.
Sample prompts:
Describe the system context.
What are the main containers?
Detail the key components.
Explain the code relationships.
Start with a list of users and use cases.
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C4 Model Architect AI is a GPT that serves as a virtual software architect, primarily focused on facilitating the generation of C4 Models. A C4 Model, a framework that assists in visualizing the static structure of software architecture, consists of four distinct views - Context, Container, Component, and Code.

This GPT takes a unique approach by helping users craft their own C4 model step by step. The AI begins by welcoming users and guiding them to conceptualize the system context.

This might include portraying the overall system environment, identifying the system's interacting entities like user roles or external systems, and explaining how they relate to each other.

After successfully describing the system context, users are prompted to articulate the main containers. Containers not only encapsulate the high-level technology choices but also narrow down the system's boundaries further.Subsequently, users are asked to delve deeper into the component level, detail the key components and their interrelationships which provide a more detailed view into the software's architecture.

Lastly, the GPT also assists in documenting the code relationships, providing a complete, detailed, and thorough code analysis.Additionally, the GPT suggests starting with a list of users and use cases.

This encourages users to view the system from a use-case perspective right from the start, ensuring the utility and user-centricity of the software being designed.The C4 Model Architect AI GPT requires ChatGPT Plus to operate and is accessible to users upon sign-up.

This makes it convenient for anyone interested in software architecture to utilise domain-specific intelligence to create comprehensive and detailed C4 Models.

Remember that to use this tool, you'll first need to sign up and gain access to ChatGPT Plus.


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