3D floor planning 2022-11-10
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Building design optimization for architects.
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Finch is an AI tool focused on building design optimization, powered by graph technology. It provides immediate feedback on building performance, helps to detect errors, and offers optimal solutions at the early stages of design.

The tool allows users to iterate faster and explore multiple mass and program variants effortlessly. Finch can automatically fill in stories with plans, making it easier to compare different alternatives in seconds.

With Finch, architects don't have to spend time on Excel roundtrips to calculate key figures as the tool provides instant feedback on unit and area distribution, carbon footprint, daylight simulation, and other crucial features.

The tool also enables architects to break the right rules, thanks to an error prevention feature that ensures the designs are compliant with the rules of the firm, customer, and municipality.Finch has a built-in feature that allows users to share fully interactive 3D models with anyone via browser, making it easy to get immediate feedback on massing, plans, and objects in the design.

Additionally, Finch's designs can be saved to an organization library, where they can be infinitely reusable. The tool is designed to be simple, beautiful, and functional, with AI to assist and inspire architects, making it invaluable for architectural design.

Finch also supports bidirectional streaming of 3D data, enabling users to design the building mass in other software such as Revit, Rhino, and Grasshopper, while direct data feedback and changes are made in Finch.

Finch has over 12,000 individuals on their waiting list; interested users can sign up for early access.


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Pros and Cons


Immediate performance feedback
Error detection
Optimal solution suggestions
Fast iteration
Explores mass and program variants
Automatic filling stories with plans
Instant key figure calculation
Unit and area distribution feedback
Carbon footprint feedback
Daylight simulation feature
Error prevention feature
Shares 3D models interactively
Designs saved in library
Bidirectional streaming of 3D data
Supports Revit, Rhino, Grasshopper
Direct data feedback
Instant design changes
Over 12,000 waiting list


No offline capability
Limited software integration
Limited to architectural design
Doesn't allow cross-platform use
No direct customer support
Waiting list for access
No version controls
No free trial option
Potential privacy issues with sharing


What is Finch 3D?
What is the main purpose of Finch?
How does Finch assist in building design optimization?
What key features does Finch offer for architects?
How does Finch automatically fill in stories with plans?
What kind of feedback does Finch provide on building performance?
Does Finch offer any error detection or prevention features?
Can Finch 3D models be shared with others?
Can Finch designs be saved and reused?
How does Finch support bidirectional streaming of 3D data?
What software is compatible with Finch for 3D data streaming?
How does Finch's AI technology assist architects?
How does Finch help with architectural rule compliance?
How can I sign up for early access to Finch?
What is the benefit of Finch's instant feedback feature?
Does Finch's tool support immediate feedback on unit and area distribution, carbon footprint, and daylight simulation?
How does Finch promote productivity through reusable designs?
Can you modify a design done in other software with Finch?
Can I access the Finch tool via browser?
How does Finch assist with architects' design iterations?

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