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Intuitive model creation sans code or data.
Generated by ChatGPT is a user-friendly AI tool that enables users to build custom models without requiring any data or coding. The tool offers a simple and intuitive interface that allows users to create their models with a few clicks. is suitable for businesses and individuals who do not have access to large amounts of data but still desire to incorporate AI into their workflows.

The tool works by leveraging pre-existing models and datasets to generate new models based on the user's specific needs. Users are not required to have any programming expertise or be familiar with machine learning concepts to use

Once the model has been created, it can be easily integrated into existing workflows or applications. The website offers a clear and concise explanation of how the tool works, as well as pricing information and a contact email for support.

There is also a video demonstration of the tool in action. Overall, is a useful tool for those who want to incorporate AI into their work but do not have access to large amounts of data or the programming skillset necessary to build and train custom models.


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Pros and Cons


Intuitive model creation
No code required
No data required
Pre-existing models usage
Specific needs adaptation
No programming knowledge needed
Easy integration into workflows
Clear explanations provided
Transparent pricing information
Support via contact email
Video demonstration available
Suitable for businesses and individuals
Works despite data limitations
User-friendly interface
Fast model generation
Detailed website information
Transparent contact details


Dependent on pre-existing models
No feature customization
No direct data input
Limited by internal datasets
No coding interface
Restricted model training options
Lack of transparency in algorithms
Limited integration options
No user programming control
Not suitable for specialized needs


What is
How does work?
Who can use
How can I build custom models with
What is the process of creating models with
Do I need any coding skills to use
Is suitable for businesses with limited data?
Does offer a user-friendly interface?
How does leverage pre-existing models and datasets?
How can I integrate the models created with into my existing workflow?
How can I get support for
Is there a video demonstration of how works?
What is the pricing for
How does help those without access to large amounts of data?
Do I need knowledge of machine learning concepts to use
How does ensure privacy of my data?
Where can I start building with
What does 'No data, no problem' mean for
What is unique about in AI model generation?
How can I contact

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