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Spoken language learning app with instant feedback.
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Speak is a language learning app that offers its users a conversational experience with an AI-based speaking partner. With its advanced AI technology, Speak plays the role of a knowledgeable tutor, specialized in providing instant feedback on the user's language proficiency.

The app offers a unique feature that allows users to practice their speaking skills without the need for a live tutor on the other end. Currently, Speak supports multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Chinese.

The app’s conversational experience includes a conversation simulator that helps users prepare for real-life situations. The simulator provides topic options enabling users to talk about anything they want, receiving helpful feedback from the app and improving their speaking skills as a result.

Additionally, Speak has received high ratings from its users on app stores, with positive reviews attesting to its effectiveness in language learning.

Overall, Speak stands out as an innovative platform for those looking to advance their language proficiency skills, primarily focusing on enhancing the user's speaking skills and real conversational practice, without the need for a live language tutor.


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Pros and Cons


Instant proficiency feedback
No need for live tutor
Supports multiple languages
Conversation simulator included
Prepares for real-life situations
High user ratings
Option to choose topics
Real-time conversation
Allows daily language practice
Includes voice and text
Speak modules for different languages
High conversational accuracy
User-friendly interface
Choice of different languages
Used for comprehension listening
User recommended routine schedules
Encourages speaking practice
User reviewed as ‘Best’
Latency as low as 0.1sec
App Store rating 4.8/5
Over 66,510 App Store reviews
Fluency improvement feedback
Helps with pronunciation
Rewarding user experience
Multiple language feedback option
Improve language skill efficiently


Not available for all languages
Potential latency issues
Dependant on user's own hardware
Requires frequent updates
Potentially high data usage
Doesn't cater to varied accents
Limited topics for conversation
Not entirely real-time
Requires internet connectivity
Inability to handle complex language nuances


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How accurate is Speak's language recognition?
How can I join the waitlist for Speak to learn a language it currently doesn't support?
What is the learning method applied in Speak?
How often should I use Speak to see improvement?
What makes Speak different from other language learning apps?
Is Speak available for both iOS and Android?
What is the AI technology behind Speak?
How user-friendly is Speak?
Can Speak be used to practice business conversational skills?
What settings can I customize in Speak?

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