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Automatic English-Japanese translation.
GPT welcome message: Hello! I can translate between English and Japanese.
Sample prompts:
Translate to Japanese:
Translate to English:
What's this in Japanese?
How do you say in English?
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Sakura Translator is a GPT developed by that specializes in automatic English-Japanese translations. The tool acts as an easy-to-use translating interface that requires ChatGPT Plus.

Utilising the power of AI, it can assist users with translating phrases, sentences and even large blocks of text. This GPT provides prompt starters such as 'Translate to Japanese:' or 'Translate to English:' to initiate translations, thereby offering user-friendly interaction.

Other prompt starters include 'What's this in Japanese?' and 'How do you say in English?' which are designed to ease the translation process for those unfamiliar with either of the languages.

Sakura Translator stands out as a valuable tool for language learners and professionals dealing with English-Japanese communications. Note that this tool needs to be used in conjunction with ChatGPT Plus, emphasizing its role as a language translation application built on top of the powerful ChatGPT platform.

Users need to sign up in order to access the translator. The purpose of this GPT is to simplify cross-language communications, making it an essential tool for those needing constant English-Japanese translations.


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