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Compare non-fiction ideas from multiple sources.
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FINDSIGHT AI is a search engine that allows users to explore and compare the core ideas from thousands of non-fiction works. It is a syntopical reading engine that allows users to discover and compare claims from multiple sources, navigate through related topics and create their personalized learning journey.

Users can filter their search results using the basic filters such as the MENTION and REFERENCES filters or the more advanced AI-powered filters such as the STATE and ANSWER filters.

The MENTION filter works like Google and identifies sources based on literal text, while the REFERENCES filter suggests named entities or concepts referenced across sources that can be used to refine results.

The DISCUSS filter works similarly to the REFERENCES filter but targets specific tags linked to a source. The AI-powered filters, STATE and ANSWER, allow users to enter their custom claims, find related claims useful for citations, and find claims that address a question with accompanying data to help answer it.

Overall, FINDSIGHT AI provides a robust platform for exploring and comparing ideas from multiple sources to enhance users' learning and understanding of various topics.


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Dec 9, 2023
Great idea, but does not find what you are looking for-about the same as Google Scholar

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Pros and Cons


Specializes in non-fiction works
Comparative analysis of sources
Syntopical reading engine
Personalized learning journeys
Basic filters for refining
Literal text identification
Entity reference filter
Tag specific DISCUSS filter
Custom claims entry
Citation assistance
Question answering capability
Contextual data provision
Supports different search prefixes
Named entities differentiation
Provides links to original sources
Topics linked to source
Random browsing option
Sharing results option


Limited to non-fiction content
Complex for beginner users
Basic filters lack precision
No mobile application
Requires constant refining of results
No multilingual support
Limited user interface customization
No offline usability
Potentially selective source material


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What is the difference between basic and AI-powered filters in Findsight AI?
How do the STATE and ANSWER filters function in Findsight AI?
What limits are there on using AI filters in Findsight AI?
Can you explain syntopical reading in the context of Findsight AI?
What's the difference between the MENTION and REFERENCES filters in Findsight AI?
How does Findsight AI help to compare claims from multiple sources?
Can Findsight AI direct me to the original non-fiction sources?
Is it possible to enter custom claims in Findsight AI?
How can I refine search results in Findsight AI?
What does Findsight AI mean by 'named entities'?
What kind of search phrases can I use in Findsight AI, are there special characters or operators?
Can I check how authors approach an issue differently using Findsight AI?
How can I create and navigate through my own learning journey using Findsight AI?
What does Findsight AI mean by filters like 'state' or 'answer'?

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