Physiotherapy 2022-06-12
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Personalized workouts & physio with machine learning.
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KinesteX is an AI-powered app designed to provide personalized fitness and physiotherapy workouts. The app allows users to work out anywhere, anytime with a personal AI coach, who provides real-time feedback on their moves.

Through the app, health instructors can monitor their client’s activity and assign customized workouts. KinesteX offers a wide range of workout plans for all body parts and for all physiorehabilitation purposes.

The app provides instant feedback on each move and can be controlled with gestures. Users also have the option to record and share their workout process and view their stats to track their progress.

KinesteX rewards users with KindaCoin, an in-app currency which can be traded for sponsored products. The app also has a health blog which covers ways to live a healthier lifestyle.


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Kinestex was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 24th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Personalized fitness and physiotherapy
Instant workout feedback
Health instructors monitoring tool
Customized workout assignments
Wide range workout plans
Gestural app control
Workout recording option
Progress tracking stats
Rewarding system with KindaCoin
Sponsored products trade-in
Health blog access
All body parts training
Physiorehabilitation workout plans
Real-time movement feedback
Remote workout control
Workout sharing feature
Instant exercise feedback
Subscription models available
Professional physiotherapist plans
Fitness instructor designed workouts


Limited workout customization
No offline mode
Requires constant internet
In-app currency dependency
No multi-user support
No integration with wearables
Only real-time feedback
No progress prediction
Subscription based payments
Limited health coaching features


What is KinesteX?
How does the AI coaching in KinesteX work?
Can health instructors monitor client's activity through KinesteX?
How does KinesteX provide instant feedback on workout moves?
Does KinesteX support gesture control?
Can you record and share workouts on KinesteX?
What data can I view on my stats in KinesteX?
How does the reward system in KinesteX work?
What is the KindaCoin in KinesteX?
Can I get sponsored products with KinesteX's in-app currency?
Does KinesteX have a health blog?
How personalized are the workout plans in KinesteX?
What body parts does KinesteX cover in its workout plans?
Can I use KinesteX for physiorehabilitation?
Is KinesteX available on both iOS and Android platforms?
Does KinesteX provide a platform for health instructors to assign workouts?
How much does the monthly and annual subscription of KinesteX cost?
Are all workouts on KinesteX designed by professional physiotherapists?
What variety of workout plans does KinesteX offer?
What are the fitness goals that KinesteX caters to?

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