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Interpret photos for effortless problem-solving.
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SorSor is an AI-powered app designed to capture and interpret math, chemistry, and linguistics in photos, providing users with instant solutions for effortless learning and problem-solving.

With the ability to capture mathematical equations and chemical formulas directly from a phone's camera, SorSor utilizes state-of-the-art AI technology to quickly unlock answers.

The app boasts a user-friendly interface, ensuring easy navigation for both students and professionals. By delivering quick responses to tough questions, SorSor saves users valuable time and enhances the learning experience.

The app's speed and efficiency are particularly noteworthy, as it eliminates the need for manual calculations and complex formula comprehension. Accessibility and affordability are key factors in SorSor's design philosophy.

The creators believe that top-notch education technology should be accessible to everyone, resulting in a reasonably priced application that delivers incredible value for money.

SorSor is more than just an app; it represents a revolution in learning and problem-solving. Made by SorSor in Istanbul, Turkey, the app acts as a gateway to the world of knowledge, offering a fast, efficient, and customized experience.

It links users to the official SorSor website and various social media platforms for further engagement. Overall, SorSor is an innovative tool that leverages AI technology to provide users with instant solutions to math, chemistry, and linguistics problems.

With its user-friendly interface, speed, efficiency, affordability, and focus on accessibility, SorSor offers a valuable resource for effortless and enjoyable learning.


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Aug 6, 2023
the best tool for maths there is if you don't want to pay you can watch an add for 1 question this is only available only every 5 min

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Pros and Cons


Interprets photos for problem-solving
Quickly unlocks answers
User-friendly interface
Fast response time
Saves valuable time
Eliminates need for manual calculations
Affordable education technology
Links to official website and social media
Provides instant solutions
Solves math, chemistry, and linguistics problems
Customizable user experience
Accessible on Android and iOS
Optimized for both students and professionals
Delivers value for money
Promotes enjoyable learning
Accessible to everyone
In-app purchases
Directly captures data from camera
Connects to a world of knowledge
Speed and efficiency focus
Localizes problem-solving


Limited to math, chemistry, linguistics
May have language limitations
Accuracy depends on photo quality
No spoken language interpretation
Speed reliant on internet connection
Possible limitations for complex problems
Potential difficulty recognizing handwriting
In-app purchases


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How fast can SorSor solve problems?
Does SorSor eliminate the need for manual calculations?
Is SorSor affordable?
What are the in-app purchases in SorSor?
Where can I download the SorSor app?
Who developed SorSor?
What kind of learning experience does SorSor provide?
Does SorSor link to a website or social media platforms?
Are there any accessibility features in SorSor?
Can SorSor enhance my learning experience?
Does SorSor also cover linguistics?
How does SorSor ensure accurate results?
What makes SorSor different from other learning apps?

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