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Your AI guide to creative and impactful solutions.
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Sample prompts:
How can I apply design thinking?
What's the best way to communicate our company's purpose?
Can you suggest innovative project ideas?
How do we foster a culture of innovation?
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Conexkt Catalyst is a GPT aimed at delivering creative and impactful solutions. Operating as an in-app feature within ChatGPT, it serves as an innovative guide designed to help identify and apply creative problem-solving techniques in various contexts.

The tool is most notably geared towards facilitating conversations around design thinking, corporate communication, project ideation, and the promotion of an innovation-driven culture.

User interaction with Conexkt Catalyst takes the form of suggested 'Prompt Starters', such as 'What's the best way to communicate our company's purpose?' and 'Can you suggest innovative project ideas?' These prompts are intended to spark meaningful and insightful discussions, assisting users in exploring new perspectives and ideas.

The tool goes beyond simple Q&A; it drives deeper, developing a platform for exploration and innovation. It fundamentally serves as an engaging aid for users seeking to adopt a more creative approach to their endeavors.

In essence, Conexkt Catalyst is a GPT offering a blend of guidance and creativity-infused brainstorming support within the framework of the ChatGPT environment.


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