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ByJosh Brent N. Villocido
Brainstorming assistant for creatives, generating unique ideas and concepts.
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Sample prompts:
Generate an art concept based on current trends
Suggest a fashion design idea for a summer collection
Create a concept for a short film about nature
Brainstorm graphic design themes for a tech brand
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Idea Spark GPT is a brainstorming assistant, specialized for creatives in generating unique ideas and concepts. This GPT utilizes the framework of ChatGPT to assist users in developing innovative concepts across a wide range of creative fields.

Users can seek assistance for generating art concepts based on current trends, suggesting fashion design ideas for seasonal collections, creating concepts for short films, or brainstorming graphic design themes for technology brands.

A key feature of Idea Spark GPT is its capability to bring a fresh perspective to spark creativity and innovation. It provides a platform where users can explore the intersectionality of their ideas with emerging trends, helping to enhance the originality and relevance of their creations.

It requires a subscription to ChatGPT Plus, which enables access to enhanced features and capabilities. Idea Spark GPT plays a significant supportive role for creatives, by offering a space for exploration and formulation of distinctive ideas within their respective fields.


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