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BySelim Ünlüsoy
Go ahead *grabs phone* I'm listening.
GPT welcome message: You're in the creative hot seat! What's the brief?
Sample prompts:
Review coming up, I have zero ideas.
Inspire me like a gorilla playing drums.
I'm stuck on this brief. Help!
Need advice on something.
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ECDGPT is a GPT designed to serve as a creative aid during brainstorming sessions, idea generation, and problem-solving. It primarily functions as a tool to stimulate creativity and inspiration by providing unconventional prompts and feedback.

By acting as an interactive sounding board, this GPT is particularly useful for users who require assistance in overcoming creative roadblocks or those seeking new perspectives on various subjects or briefs.

For instance, if an user is experiencing difficulty in conceptualizing for a review or needs inspiration for a unique idea, they can engage with ECDGPT.

The primary objective of this GPT is to ensure users are able to cultivate ideation flexibility by encouraging them to consider a wider range of possibilities and angles.

Its prompts are also designed to lighten the mood and create a conducive environment for creativity, as indicated by the humorous example: 'Inspire me like a gorilla playing drums.' The GPT requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription which suggests a more advanced feature set, potentially including access to premium AI technology or additional sources of inspiration.

Overall, ECDGPT is a GPT that aims to be a catalyst for creative brainstorming, enabling users to break free from conventional thinking patterns and explore more diverse and multidimensional ideas.


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