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Igniting creativity for art & design.
GPT welcome message: Hello, ready to spark your creativity?
Sample prompts:
How can I break the mold with this design?
What's a fresh perspective on this concept?
Can you suggest an avant-garde approach?
What if we combine different design eras?
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CreativeGPT is a Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) that functions as a creativity booster for art and design. This AI tool is designed to help users break through creative blocks by offering innovative ways to view and approach art and design concepts.

It exists on the ChatGPT platform, requiring users to have a ChatGPT Plus account in order to utilize its full capacity. Developed and maintained by Figroyale, CreativeGPT addresses a range of users, from design professionals seeking fresh perspectives to hobbyists looking for innovative ways to guide their project.

Its main function is to prompt distinct and inventive ideas, pushing creative boundaries and helping users to rethink existing concepts in new and exciting ways.

Upon interaction, users are welcomed with a message such as 'Hello, ready to spark your creativity?'. The AI then provides prompt starters such as 'How can I break the mold with this design?', 'What's a fresh perspective on this concept?', 'Can you suggest an avant-garde approach?', or 'What if we combine different design eras?' These prompts are designed to stir creative thinking, pushing users to look beyond conventional ideas and encouraging them to explore a diverse range of creative possibilities.

The advantage of CreativeGPT lies not only in its ability to ignite creativity but also in its flexibility across various art and design disciplines.Thereby, whether you are an art student seeking inspiration or a design veteran trying to step out of the comfort zone, CreativeGPT can serve as an efficient assistant, instigating innovative and revolutionary viewpoints.


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