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Identify and implement innovative improvements.
Sample prompts:
Do it
... any other conversation starter ...
... <pick a bullet # from the previous response for follow-up> ...
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IDEAfier - Think Tank is a GPT designed to facilitate the ideation process in a structured way. This tool assists in identifying opportunities for improvement, applying innovative thinking methods, suggesting improvements, and outlining the implementation of the suggested improvements.

Underpinned by the foundation of the ChatGPT model, IDEAfier encourages creative conversations, enhancing the brainstorming experience. To activate the tool, users initiate a conversation using prompts such as 'Go', 'Do it', or any other conversation starters, allowing for a dynamic and interactive user experience.

Besides, the GPT provides a follow-up option where users can pick a bullet number from the previous response for additional discourse, thus ensuring continuity and in-depth exploration of ideas.

Suitable for both individuals and teams, it can be particularly beneficial for strategic planning, process enhancements, problem-solving, and creative brainstorming.

Please note, to access the full features of IDEAfier GPT, users are required to have a ChatGPT Plus subscription.


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