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ByNolan Denning
A creative brainstorming assistant for media, story building & brand identity.
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Spark is a GPT designed to assist with creative brainstorming in different focus areas including media, story building, and brand identity. As a tool, Spark aims to facilitate adaptation of initial ideas into more complex concepts, helping users to broaden their creative horizon.

The tool is designed to engage users in a structured brainstorming session, providing them with an interactive platform to enhance their creativity. Upon initiation, the GPT offers users an option to choose their focus between media, story building, or brand identity.

Based on the users choice, it then generates an initial prompt to stimulate brainstorming. The goal of Spark is to provide a comprehensive and interactive brainstorming experience, assisting users in not just articulating their ideas, but also in shaping and expanding them, thereby forming detailed, thorough and well-structured concepts.

Nonetheless, due to its AI nature, it's necessary to keep in mind that all its advice and guidance should be critically analyzed and appropriately steered to best suit the user's individual needs and contexts.

To use Spark, it's required to have a ChatGPT Plus subscription. This smart tool can be a powerful aid in various fields, especially those which encourage innovative thinking and require frequent development of fresh concepts and perspectives.


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