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DoMyHomework is an AI-powered tool designed to assist students in various subject areas (over 30) by acting as a personal tutor. The AI tool follows current school curricula, providing detailed explanations and exercises that promote self-directed learning.

The platform offers a range of functionalities that cater to different learning needs. These include the option of conversing with the AI tutor through chat or voice input, the availability of personalized tutoring, the capacity to handle simple to more complex tasks, and the ability to photograph worksheets for problem-solving.

Responses from the AI tutor can be translated into more than 20 languages, catering to a global linguistic spectrum. In the future, the platform anticipates the ability to upload photographs of homework for solving.

The tool is available consistently, accommodating users across different time zones and schedules. The platform offerings range from free to subscription-based services, making it accessible and versatile for different budgets and requirements.


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Pros and Cons


Helps in 30+ subjects
Follows current school curricula
Promotes self-directed learning
Chat or voice input
Personalized tutoring
Handles ranging task complexity
Solution via photographed worksheets
Translations into 20+ languages
24/7 availability
Budget-friendly subscription options
Anticipated photograph upload
Different time zones accommodation
Free to subscription-based services
Multi-layered pricing plans
Problem-solving by tutoring
Task voice input
Worksheet photography functionality
Tutoring in 10+ subjects
Challenging tasks handling
Flexible learning approach
Task description detail consideration
Chat sharing option
Chat in 20+ languages
School-grade level adjustment
Includes solution steps
Opportunity for additional questions
Supports independent learning
Supports problem-solving
Language-sensitive tutoring
Adapts to homework task
Clear problem description input
Tutoring in native languages
Flexible learning adjustment
Solution steps provision
Complicated maths formula capture
Flexible registration options
with Google option
Free first chat offer
Password reset option
Agrees to Terms and Conditions


Subscription-based service
Limited chat learning
Support only for specific problems
Delayed image upload feature
Not all subjects supported on basic plan
Tutoring only up to grade 5 for Mathematics
No offline usage
Limited learning chats


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