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Exeller is a mobile-first e-commerce software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform designed to enable businesses to set up online stores quickly and easily. Exeller simplifies the process of online product catalog creation, order collection, and fulfilment management.

The platform is tailored for B2B, D2C, and hyperlocal sales, enabling businesses to sell online without needing to install any additional apps or encounter complex setups.

Exeller includes an AI sales bot, designed to automate selling and offers a range of features such as built-in order notifications, store personalization options, and digital menus.

Businesses can share their store's link or display a QR code for contact-less ordering. Businesses can also collect enquiries or orders from their online catalog and send automatic order updates to customers via email, SMS, and WhatsApp.

Moreover, businesses have total control over their catalog, with Exeller charging no commission on store sales. Exeller's intuitive design and tools can have an online store up and running quickly, saving time and resources.

The platform also offers real-time order notifications delivered via dashboard, SMS, or WhatsApp.Notably, Exeller does not require the installation of any additional apps and allows businesses to manage their stores and fulfil orders from their mobile devices.

The platform also supports integration with multiple online payment gateways, facilitating smooth transactions.


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Pros and Cons


Mobile-first platform
Quick online store setup
Simplified product catalog creation
Seamless order collection
Effective fulfilment management
Optimized for B2B
Optimized for D2C
Optimized for hyperlocal sales
No additional apps required
Built-in order notifications
Customizable store options
Support for digital menus
Option for contact-less ordering through QR code
Automatic order updates via email, SMS, WhatsApp
Complete control over product catalog
No commission on store sales
Real-time order notifications via dashboard, SMS, WhatsApp
Integrates with multiple payment gateways
Store management from mobile devices
Social media sales optimization
Free to sign up
Zero setup charges
Supports unlimited orders
Customizable digital menu
Catalog sharing via link or QR code
Discount coupon functionality
Real-time order tracking for customers
Seamless design and branding customization
24/7 order collection
Integration with multiple online payment gateways
Easy catalog website creation
Enquiry collection from catalog
Efficient order fulfilment from mobile without app
Organize products by categories
Support for multiple product variants
Real-time order notifications on dashboard


Limited integration options
Lacks advanced analytics
No multi-language support
Lacks CRM integration
Limited payment gateways
No mention of security features
Not designed for large businesses
No desktop application
Limited customization
No third-party tool integration


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