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SellMeThisPen is an all-in-one AI sales coaching platform designed to assist sales teams in improving their performance and customer interactions. This tool empowers users through a variety of AI-enabled features.

Some of these key features include AI roleplay, which allows users to practice real conversations tailored to their buyer persona and value proposition, offering a safe environment to practice cold calls and discovery meetings without judgement.

Another feature is the auto scorecards that provide immediate feedback on areas of improvement for calls. Real-time assistance is also provided right on client calls to help manage sales conversations better by addressing areas of uncertainty or questions that may have been missed.

Apart from the coaching aspects, SellMeThisPen also facilitates automation of non-revenue generating tasks such as effortless CRM updates, where AI call summaries are created and can be synced with platforms like Salesforce or HubSpot with a single click.

Therefore, it positions itself as a tool to better prepare sales reps for conversations, increase closing rates of deals, and automate admin work.


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Pros and Cons


Realistic conversation practice
Instant feedback scorecards
Guidance during client calls
Automates CRM updates
Single-click CRM syncing
Salesforce integration
HubSpot integration
Improves sales reps performance
Increases deal closing rates
Reduces admin work
Tailored training based on buyer persona
Safe non-judgmental environment
Helps address missed questions
Helps eliminate call uncertainties
Assists in managing sales conversations
Real-time assistance on calls
Personalized training for sales reps
Trusted by reputed companies
Supports multiple meeting platforms
Free trial available
Continuous individual coaching
Solution for sales leaders
Assists in CRM hygiene maintenance
Service designed for various roles
Improves sales skills confidence
Helps land first deals
Standardizes sales methodology
Reinforces learning in real-time
Genuine interest in user challenges
Tailored solutions for businesses
Platform realism
Supports personal sales conversations practice
Increases revenue through performance improvement
Speedy call analysis and feedback
Helpful for founders


Limited CRM Integration
Lack of Enterprise Features
Only English Language Support
No Mobile App
Mandatory Free Trial Signup
Credit Card Required for Trial
No Offline Functionality
Limited Support Channels


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What are the benefits of using SellMeThisPen for sales coaching?
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Does SellMeThisPen provide feedback on areas of improvement for calls?
How can SellMeThisPen assist in managing sales conversations better?
Can SellMeThisPen improve my sales team's performance?
Is SellMeThisPen designed to assist sales teams or individuals?
Does SellMeThisPen offer a free trial?

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