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AI, Built for Mac: Skip Copy/Paste, Lengthy Explanations & Context-Switching.
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Boost your throughput with AI understanding your task by fetching context from your active app.

Alter works everywhere and has special features for Finder, Apple Mail, and Keynote.

Summon Alter's contextual menu with a global shortcut like `alt+option`, and every action displayed is shortcut-enabled with a mnemonic system.

It provides 60+ AI actions suggested when you need them:

- Browsing YouTube? Get a nice summary from the transcript.
- Selected some emails on Apple Mail? Extract to-dos from the conversations.
- Opened Keynote? Generate a draft presentation with images fetched from the web.
- Selected some text? Translate, fix typos and grammar, or change the tone.
- Selected some text in LinkedIn? Extend it to a full post.
- Selected a research paper in Finder? Analyze it.
- Selected some files and folders? Ask anything or get a summary.
- Selected a git-commit in your code editor? Generate a commit message.

Besides, Alter has co-intelligences, from marketing and business to mental models and software engineering. Chat with them to brainstorm, solve issues, and get an expert view on a given topic.

Customization is a priority; you can create your own actions to perfectly fit your workflow. You can also choose your own shortcuts for every action and folder.

Alter provides AI models without the need for an API key. Get access to multiple models and providers: OpenAI, Claude, Gemini, Groq, and Together.

Have your own API key or want to use local models? We support OpenAI-compatible endpoints.

Want full privacy? Use Ollama and LM Studio for an offline experience.

For a full comparison with the official ChatGPT desktop app, see

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Jun 5, 2024
This app is good. Can I get more details on customization?
Jun 5, 2024
Thanks Michael! At the moment it's through the edition of YAML files that you put in a special folder but an editor is coming out by the end of the week! Are you okay to be notified here when it's out?
Jun 14, 2024
The Action Editor is out!
May 29, 2024
First time I've seen an app working with the Finder, super cool

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Pros and Cons


Productivity enhancement for macOS
Seamless integration with Finder, Keynote
Real-time mnemonic shortcut creation
Workflow customization
Privacy-focused features
Use of Ollama for confidentiality
GPT-4 for smart reasoning
Context and image generation tasks
Helps in writing assistance
Eases pitch deck creation
Streamlines social media handling
Document translation functionality
Automated grammar correction
Task simplification and streamlining
Alter boosts throughput
Handling tasks from various roles
Speedy task completion
Free when using own providers
Use of best, fastest models
Upgrade options for more features
Answer Engine as premium feature
Guidance in Marketing, Tech, Business
Creative freedom in customization
Contextual menu transformation
Use of claude, gemini for long context
Implements Dalle, for image generation
Selectable model and provider for actions
Support for privacy sensitive tasks via Ollama
Saved preferences for Ollama endpoint
Allowance for user's own keys
No data retention policy
Interactions not recorded by Alter


Only for macOS systems
No explicit mention of scalability
Limited to text-focused tasks
No indicated backup data feature
Potentially complex customization process
Restrictive mnemonic shortcut creation
Limited to current task suggestions


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