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Ren is a conversational AI leadership platform that is revolutionizing leadership coaching. Gone are the days of face-to-face coaching sessions that only scratch the surface of your organization’s L&D needs. With Ren, you have access to a 24/7 personal leadership coach. Ren understands your company’s heartbeat—its values, goals, and team dynamics. It offers private, secure coaching, enabling employees to tackle tough conversations, align with their teams, and foster personal growth based on individualized data profiles.

Additionally, if you want to use Ren in an enterprise format, it is scalable and capable of being deployed to thousands of employees within your organization. It provides real-time leadership coaching advice with a reach and depth that no other human coaching offering can match. Ren’s organizational dashboards provide unique insights while preserving individual employees’ privacy.

As a generative AI leadership coaching tool, Ren is only as good as the data it receives. Out of the box, Ren has been trained for you on ten years of executive leadership coaching insights derived from the effective Good Authority Coaching Curriculum. Many of our enterprise partners also enjoy the flexibility to customize that training data and augment Ren’s model with their own company core values. Whether you opt for Ren’s core principles as designed by Good Authority or a custom implementation, the power of a leadership coach available 24/7 for every employee in your organization will unlock insights and culture change like you’ve never seen before.

Ren leverages the power of Generative AI to get to know you quickly, learn your tendencies and growth edges, and make actionable suggestions for how to get the people part of the job right. Ren gives you better feedback right in the moment when you need it most. You and your team will build personal profiles of your goals, challenges, and preferences.

Over time, Ren uses this background knowledge to deliver personalized, relevant advice throughout the day. We’ve integrated our entire library of videos and Good Authority training materials into Ren so that you have valuable leadership tools and resources available when you have a problem you need to solve.

Our free Starter Plan is perfect for individual contributors, managers, and anyone exploring AI coaching. It comes with up to 50 daily feedback conversations, document templates that help with most common workplace challenges, and a powerful 1:1 meeting prep tool to help you navigate difficult conversations, provide better feedback, and create deeper alignment.

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May 26, 2024
Love this app. Easy to use and feels like it gives very personalized advice based on the conversation history I've been building up with it.

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Pros and Cons


Personalized guidance
Secure private coaching
Accessibile 24/7
Real-time coaching
Organizational dashboards
Customizable training data
Good Authority Coaching Curriculum
Handles difficult conversations
Aligns with team values
Fosters individual growth
Continuous leadership development
For all organizational levels
Respects individual privacy
Tracks personal growth
Executive-level advice speed
Valuable leadership resources
Individualized data profiles
Insightful dashboards
Set personal goals
Multi-tiered pricing options
Integrated video library
Free starter plan
Unlimited feedback conversations
Document templates for challenges
Meeting prep tool
Collaboration tools
Unique org insights
Custom knowledge base
Coaching dashboard
Access to premium content
Advanced security options
IT integrations (SSO, Teams, Slack)
Bulk pricing discounts
Real-time performance feedback
Supports tough conversations
Guided development paths
Tailored to user role
In-app executive advice
Simultaneous coaching capability
Incorporates company core values
Culture change facilitator
Optimized for high-performance teams
Offers privacy while coaching


Not fully customizable
Relies on quality data
Pricing unclear for enterprises
Tool development still ongoing
Limited language support
Pre-set Coaching Curriculum
Requires user profile creation
Tied to company's values
No self-learning mentioned
No integration with common tools


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Can I customize Ren's training data?
Does Ren offer real-time coaching?
Is Ren suitable for all levels within an organization?
Can Ren handle difficult conversations?
How does Ren support personal growth based on individual data profiles?
Is Ren's performance development customizable?
Can Ren help me align with my team?
What kind of leadership coaching does Ren provide?
How can Ren revolutionize leadership coaching?
How secure is the coaching provided by Ren?

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