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AI co-pilot to accelerate your sales-team onboarding.
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Aladdin AI is a digital tool designed to serve as a real-time support system for account executives and solution engineers during discovery calls and sales pitches.

Its primary function is to accelerate the onboarding process for sales teams, reducing time from months to days. Aladdin AI can be integrated into popular communication platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams.

During calls, Aladdin AI, also referred to as the 'genie bot', provides instant in-call responses to product-related queries raised by prospects. Users can upload their product documents and FAQs into Aladdins system via seamless integration with tools like Confluence, Jira, and Slack or directly through Aladdins web interface.

This feature helps to reduce the risks of underselling a product and improves communication between the solution engineer and the prospect. In addition to this, Aladdin AI stores call transcripts and dialogue Q&As that serve to continuously enrich its AI engine.

This ensures updated product knowledge accessibility during calls, reducing the necessity of substantial back and forth communication within the sales team.

The overall effect is a notable increase in sales process efficiency.


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Pros and Cons


Accelerates onboarding process
Real-time support system
Integrated with Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams
Instant in-call responses
Provides product-related answers instantly
Upload product documents and FAQs
Integration with Confluence, Jira, Slack
In-call product knowledge accessibility
Stores call transcripts
Reduces async communication
Increases sales process efficiency
Saves sales hours weekly
Closes deals faster
Web interface upload option


No mobile app
Dependent on third-party platforms
Potential privacy issues
Relies on document upload
Dependent on internet connectivity
Accuracy reliant on user data
No offline functionality
Dependent on other sales tools
No multilingual support
No voice command functionality


What is Aladdin AI?
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How does Aladdin AI provide instant responses to product-related queries?
How can users upload product documents and FAQs into Aladdin's system?
Which tools does Aladdin AI integrate with for uploading documents?
How does Aladdin AI help improve communication between the solution engineer and the prospect?
In what ways does Aladdin AI reduce the risks of underselling a product?
Does Aladdin AI store call transcripts and Q&As? Why?
How does Aladdin AI help reduce back and forth communication in the sales team?
How does Aladdin AI use AI to enhance its function?
What is the overall impact of Aladdin AI on sales process efficiency?
Can Aladdin AI be used as a real-time technical and sales assistant?
How does Aladdin AI save sales hours per week?
What does it mean that Aladdin helps to close deals 1.25 times faster?
How does Aladdin AI ensure updated product knowledge accessibility during calls?
What is the waiting list for Aladdin AI about?
How can I book a free demo for Aladdin AI?
How do I contact Aladdin AI for more information?

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