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Connect your sales team with buyers via chat, video & voice.
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Qualified is designed as a lead generation tool, aiming to expedite connection between your sales team and potential customers directly on your website.

It employs a triad of mediums - live chat, video, and voice, to foster immediate sales conversations. Qualified introduces the concept of 'Qualified Conversations', enabling sales representatives to turn real-time chat sessions into tangible sales opportunities.

The tool is supplemented by an AI-assistant, aiding in swift engagement and showing real-time visitor information. It features functionality that allows your team to meet with high intent buyers or VIP visitors swiftly and effectively.

The platform includes features that support segmenting website visitors based on factors like high buyer intent, outbound sequences, or paid ad campaigns.

Furthermore, it provides automated visitor routing to their assigned representatives upon their arrival on your site. This allocation is supplemented by immediate notifications through channels like email, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and the Qualified Mobile.

Apart from instant messaging, Qualified also supports seamless transitioning to video calls and scheduling meetings directly on the website with potential leads.

The extensive contact and company data, tied with integration possibilities with other platforms such as Salesforce CRM, marketing automation, sales engagement and data enrichment apps enable a comprehensive view of the website visitors.


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Pros and Cons


Immediate sales conversations
Real-time visitor information
Supports segmenting website visitors
Automated visitor routing
Notifications via email, Slack, MS Teams
Transitioning to video calls
Scheduling meetings on website
Vast contact and company data
Integration with Salesforce CRM
Marketing automation integration
Sales engagement and data apps
Automated capturing of inbound leads
Qualification questions automation
Sales meeting booking automation
Custom dashboards and analytics
Mobile and desktop apps
Supports live chat
Targets high intent buyers
Supports outbound sequencies
Supports paid ad campaigns
Seamless transitioning to different mediums
Comprehensive data of website visitors
Real-time, personalized targeting
Lead generation for Salesforce
360 Degree view of visitors
Real-time interactions
Visitor browsing behaviour insights
Instant website visitor engagement
Automated 'Qualified Conversations'
Segment and live stream feature
Comprehensive visitor routing and alerts
Sales rep performance analytics
Data enrichment apps integration


Expensive pricing tiers
Limited chatbot capabilities
Largely dependent on Salesforce
Limited API integrations
Potentially overwhelming interface
Relies heavily on high-traffic
Not suitable for small businesses
Limited visitor segmentation options
Complex setup process
Limited outreach capabilities


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What platforms notify users when a potential customer is on the website?
How does Qualified support video calling or scheduling meetings?
What data about website visitors does Qualified provide?
What platforms can Qualified integrate with?
What is 'Qualified Mobile' and how does it help sales teams?
How does Qualified help in identifying high intent buyers or VIP visitors?
Can Qualified segment website visitors? How does it categorize buyers?
How does Qualified allow for transitioning from live chat to video calls?
Does Qualified offer live chat, voice and video call all at the same time?
How can Qualified be used to automate visitor routing?
How effectively does Qualified's AI-assistant provide real-time visitor information?
Is Qualified designed only for sales teams?
What is a 'Qualified Conversations'? How does it work?
How does Qualified facilitate customer engagement via live chat, video and voice?

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