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JustCall is an AI-powered cloud phone and SMS system designed for maximizing sales and improving customer support within contact centers. This comprehensive tool enables teams to streamline their communications through a range of features.

The tool includes capabilities such as Conversation Intelligence that helps to drive customer satisfaction and peak agent productivity. AI Coaching assists in training agents rapidly through personalized coaching plans enhancing overall performance.

The Automatic Call Scoring evaluates agent performance instantly, eliminating the need for manual assessments, while the Agent Assist feature boosts success rates through the provision of real-time, AI-powered guidance.

SMS Copilot uses AI to deliver business text insights. The platform also includes Agent Analytics which provides a holistic view of agent performance.

All conversation can be captured with AI-based Call Transcription, replacing the need for manual note-taking and providing insights. Additionally, the Sentiment Analysis feature tracks and detects customer sentiment.

Moreover, JustCall also includes advanced sales and customer service features. It is equipped with a cloud phone system and messaging tools, as well as outbound call center capabilities, business phone system features, and IVR or Call Menu functions.

Incoming calls can be swiftly managed with Call Forwarding, and calls can be automatically recorded improving customer interactions.


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Pros and Cons


Maximizes sales
Improves customer support
Cloud phone system
Conversation Intelligence feature
Automatic Call Scoring
Agent Assist feature
SMS Copilot for insights
Agent Analytics
Sentiment Analysis
Outbound call center capabilities
IVR or Call Menu functions
Call Forwarding
Automated call recording
Automated call distribution
CRM Integrations
Dialing automation software
Seamless business messaging
Automated meaninful workflows
Build customized agent training pathways
Connect and collaborate via shared WhatsApp inbox
Automated answers, follow-ups, and responses
Receive and distribute calls automatically
Track conversations outcomes
Seamless voice and SMS workflows
Omnichannel campaigns
Secure conversations for fintech


No VoIP support
No email marketing integration
Not multilingual
Requires constant internet
No video calling
Limited social media integration
Doesn't support Linux


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How does JustCall help in improving customer interactions?
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