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Create AI-personalized workflows across all messaging channels.
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SleekFlow is a Conversational AI platform that allows businesses to centralize and efficiently streamline their operations. It harnesses the power of messaging channels and artificial intelligence to revolutionize and automate customer interactions.

Functionality includes creating AI-personalized workflows, suggestion improvements for customer engagement by offering AI-suggested replies, and automating messaging workflows with its Flow Builder.The CycleFlow also houses a 'Social Customer Relationship Management' feature that manages contact information and business data.

Furthermore, it has an 'In-chat Catalog and Payment' feature that offers businesses the ability to recommend and sell products via chats. SleekFlows 'Marketing & Broadcast Campaigns' enable the sending of personalized bulk messages.Users can integrate various messaging channels including WhatsApp Business API, Facebook Messenger, Instagram DM, WeChat, LINE, Telegram, Viber, SMS, and Live Chat.

SleekFlow is also seamlessly compatible with platforms like Shopify, Salesforce, and HubSpot, making it a comprehensive tool for corporate communication.It provides industries such as retail O2O, e-commerce, finance, education, real estate, logistics, automotive, travel, and telecom with solutions to manage customer interfaces, automate conversation and manage business data.

The SleekFlow AI tool is designed for business operations looking to enhance customer experience, consolidate workflows, and bolster marketing efforts.


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Pros and Cons


Centralizes business operations
Automates messaging workflows
Social CRM feature
In-chat Catalog and Payment
Marketing & Broadcast Campaigns
Integrates with WhatsApp API
Integrates with Facebook Messenger
Integrates with Instagram DM
Integrates with WeChat
Integrates with LINE
Integrates with Telegram
Integrates with Viber
Integrates with SMS
Integrates with Live Chat
Compatible with Shopify
Compatible with Salesforce
Compatible with HubSpot
Services diverse industries
Enhances customer experience
Boosts marketing efforts
Flow Builder discounts
Omnichannel Inbox
Chat automation
Conversation routing
Customer insights
Broadcast campaigns
In-thread shopping experience
Payment tracking
Refunds issuance
Tech integration
For developers
WhatsApp Link Generator
WhatsApp Button Generator
API Documentation
Retail case studies
Food and Beverages case studies
Tech, Media and Telecom case studies
Automotive case studies
Marketplace case studies
Mobile app available
Multi-language support
ISO 27001 & GDPR certified
Secure system
Positive customer feedback
Media Coverage
Industry Recognition


Limited integrations
Missing in-app analytics
No voice chat automation
No desktop app


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Can I recommend and sell products via chats in SleekFlow? How?
Can SleekFlow be used to send personalized bulk messages?
What kinds of business industries is SleekFlow designed for?
Does SleekFlow offer functionalities to automate conversation and manage business data?
Can I create AI-personalized workflows across all messaging channels with SleekFlow?
How can I use the In-chat Catalog and Payment feature of SleekFlow?
Can SleekFlow be used to centralize and streamline business operations?
What is SleekFlow's Omnichannel Inbox?
How does SleekFlow's AI help in customer engagement?
What solutions does SleekFlow provide for retail O2O?
Can SleekFlow automate messaging workflows?
How do I integrate WhatsApp Business API with SleekFlow?
In what ways can SleekFlow automate conversations?
Can SleekFlow be used for managing contact information and business data?
What is the CycleFlow feature of SleekFlow?

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