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Personalized mental health guidance & coping tactics.
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**Boost Your Self-Awareness with Our Interactive Journaling Tool**

Discover the ultimate journaling and reflection experience with our state-of-the-art tool. Featuring an interactive journal GPT, it guides you through personalized prompts, making your journaling sessions insightful and engaging. With detailed session summaries and actionable insights, you can track your progress and deepen your self-awareness effortlessly. Users have reported a 2x improvement in their mental health in just 3 weeks. Transform your journaling routine and unlock a more mindful you today.

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Jan 16, 2024
Try us on GPTs!
Jan 15, 2024
I've encountered an issue, and the GitHub page for opening issues is broken, there is also no proper ToS, wich left me to try to comment it here for the chance it might be read, The AI was great.. for 2 sessions, after that it just doesn't remember any sessions, also contradicting itself saying it is able to retain the info (this is also in the About section), then when asked "what do i need to do for you to retain this info?" it just gives the generic "i'm a language model, i dont rember, i forgor, how u feelin?" I just want to be able to reach out to the dev to see what i can do to fix it. This AI is amazing and really good at what it does, would certainly keep using it were the issue fixed.
Jan 16, 2024
Try it on the GPT store:
Jan 16, 2024
Hi. Try MindMateGPT on the GPT store here:
Jan 16, 2024
Hey it's the creator here. Thanks for the comment. Try the GitHub issue again. People have opened issues on the repo in the past with no problems, and I haven't touched that functionality. If you have more problems, feel free to reply to this message. Anyways, the AI won't remember all conversations, only ones that are added to your journal (2$ journal entries). If you want this function, I highly recommend you get ChatGPT Plus where you can use MindMateGPT on the GPT Store (alongside a bunch of other cool GPTs). In the GPT Store, you can talk to the same MindMateGPT and keep a record of ~300 pages worth of conversation. This version of MindMateGPT has all the functionality of, just with a different interface. Hope that helps!
Jan 15, 2024
For clarification, neither me or my browser (Opera GX) are wiping the cookies of this website, and when i say "it doesn't remember any sessions" i mean ANY sessions, even recent, i close the tab, it forgets everything. And i know it is able to remember since on the second session, Mindy asked "How have you been feeling after the last session" meaning it is capable of remembering, and the About section also confirms it.
Oct 22, 2023
This website is really helpful, saves so much money compared to getting therapy with an actual therapist. Of course, mindy wouldnt replace a human therapist if I had very serious issues, but for everyday things like needing someone to talk to abt my boyfriend or room-mate, mindy is great! Also, mindy is avaialable for me 24/7, and her response time is very fast!
Aug 7, 2023
It's the maker of MindMateGPT here. Focus group results After vetting the survey for duplicate entries, we were left with 10 users that participated in the focus group The average user had used the app for 3 weeks, and the average frequency was daily 100% of the users felt the app helped them improve their mental health, and 90% of them felt the app gave them a better ability to handle emotional distress. The average perceived mental health score went from a 3.8 to a 8.4 on a 1-10 scale

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Pros and Cons


Personalized mental health guidance
Effective coping strategies
Engaging user prompts
Interactions with virtual therapist
Data deleted post-session
Anonymity maintained by app
Convenient & accessible
App developers don't store data
Own Artificial Intelligence tech


Personal data input may be uncomfortable
Anonymity may make connections impersonal
Only temporary data storage
Risk of inappropriate advice
Responsibility disclaimer
Lack of human counselor alternative
Limited session duration


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