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Turn product workflows into interactive demos and videos.
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Floik is an all-inclusive platform for developing interactive content to optimize customer experience and engagement. It enables users to transform their product workflows into interactive demos, explainer videos and step-by-step guides.

The interactive demos are designed to allow potential customers to engage with the product digitally, aiding in buyer education. The step-by-step guides provide thorough information for customers in an easy-to-follow format.

The explainer video feature is a powerful tool for articulating the purpose of a product or a process in a concise and engaging manner. Users have the flexibility to customize the style of their content and incorporate AI-generated voiceovers for an enhanced user experience.

Floik also facilitates collaborative business settings through its Teamspace feature. It houses a variety of use cases that cater to different aspects of a business, including sales enablement, customer activation and user enablement, all aimed at accelerating business growth.

The platform offers resources such as FloGPT, webinars, and changelogs, amongst others, for users to learn and understand how to operate the tool.


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Pros and Cons


Transforms workflows into demos
Creates explainer videos
Produces step-by-step guides
Thorough customer education
Flexible content customization
Collaborative Teamspace feature
Buyer education optimisation
Sales enablement
Customer and user enablement
Multiple business use cases
Resource provision (FloGPT, webinars, changelogs)
Screen-record feature
Branding options
Capture and customization of demos
Solutions for diverse business aspects
Interactive product education
All-inclusive interactive content platform
Customer engagement focus
Efficient product value communication
Effortless demo creation
Video guide creation
Enterprise-grade collaboration options
Contextual in-app guidance
Personalized customer onboarding
Increase conversion rates
Caters to all decision makers
Reduces friction to sign-up
Showcases products value upfront
Enables self-guided experience
Boosts product qualified leads
Gets usage insights on features
Reduces time to value
Ongoing education on new releases
Real-time customer coaching
Provides usage insights on top features
Revolutionizes user manuals creation
Creates PDF files from videos
Facilitates quick video creation
Enables SOPs creation process
Shares videos anywhere on the web
Tailors output proactively
Capture product walkthroughs


Limited customization options
Lack of API support
No live customer support
Complex for new users
Limited platform compatibility
Non-intuitive interface
Not fully mobile-optimized
Restricted team collaboration capabilities
Limited integration options


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