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Instantly create a self-service knowledge base for your customers.
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Document360 is a knowledge base software designed to provide a platform for creating a self-service knowledge base intended for customers. Through it, users can construct FAQ sections, user guides, product documentation, standard operating procedures, and other necessary documents.

This software incorporates a range of features that cater to editors, writers, and reviewers, as well as customers and employees, making it suitable for SaaS products and websites.

Core features include analytics, workflow management, SEO optimization, integrations, business glossary and ticket deflectors for effective content management.

The platform provides dedicated facilities for developers through its API documentation. Document360 further unifies knowledge bases across different industries such as SaaS, legal, healthcare, and financial services.

They offer resources like case-study based customer stories and informative webinars. A variety of educational tools, from blogs to tutorials, are available to help users maximize the use of the software.

It also extends support for any product documentation, migration requests, and other user queries.


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Pros and Cons


FAQ creation
User guides construction
Product documentation support
Workflow management
SEO optimization
Integration capabilities
Business glossary included
Ticket deflectors for content
API documentation facilities
Supports diverse industries
Case-study based customer stories
Informative webinars supply
Various educational tools
Product documentation support
Migration requests support
User queries support
Platform for editors, writers
Platform for reviewers, customers
Employee-friendly platform
Optimized for SaaS products
Unifies knowledge bases
Supports legal sector
Supports healthcare sector
Supports financial services
Analytics feature
Health Check Metrics
Driven platform
Customer Knowledge Base solutions
Internal Knowledge Base solutions
Standard Operating Procedures solutions
SaaS Knowledge Base solutions available
Legal industry solutions
Healthcare industry solutions
Financial services solutions
Blogs for education
Ebooks for education
Guides for education
Tutorials for education
Product documentation help
Document360 support
Migration request services


Limited design customization
No multi-language support
No offline access
Limited integration options
Complex user interface
High learning curve
No free version
Pricing not transparent
Limited version history
Inefficient for small teams


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How does Document360 assist with product documentation and standard operating procedures?
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How is Document360 suitable for editors, writers, and reviewers?
What resources like case-study based customer stories and informative webinars does Document360 offer?
Are there any tutorials to help me understand the features of Document360?


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